Design in Review: 2016

A 90’s musical once said “How do you measure, measure a year…” and then it proceeded to list the various ways one could count time. Sunsets, cups of coffee, minutes, and of course, love. Well, my year was apparently less romantic, because I kept track of time in branding projects. While they vary in their scopes, I created about 36 new identities this year; WAY more than I would have guessed before counting. Crazy how time flies, eh?

It was a fun year, filled with some really glorious clients, and I am grateful. As I sit and reflect on my year’s work, I’m writing a list of ways to improve in 2017 (the maximizer in me). The biggest thing I’m strategizing to make better is my overall client process. I’m ready to knock things out a little faster, streamline my on-boarding, and focus actively on ONE design at a time instead of feeling overwhelmed by multiple projects all at once. Easy said, right? Implementation is obviously where it gets a little hairy, But I’ve been cooking up some ideas and fresh processes, and I’m ready to give it a go.

Cheers to you and your business in the year ahead! Go kick ass!